One of the leading causes of property damage, hail can devastate even the strongest of buildings. Storms have a mind of their own and they do not play favorites. It doesn’t matter if your property is worth thousands or millions you can be sure that if hail strikes it, there will be some sort of damage.


“In the average year, roughly 10,000 to 12,000 hail reports are received by NOAA’s National Weather Service. Since January 1, 2010, NWS quit reporting hail smaller than 1″ in size. This change was because hail smaller than 1″ in size rarely causes significant damage. This cut their reported storms nearly in half, as 49% of all hail storms are of a size less than one inch”….hailreporter.com

“Of the 48 contiguous states in the US, the average state has about 120 hail reports each year for hail of 1″ or greater in size”….hailreporter.com

With those kinds of statistics it’s very important to note that most properties will need some storm restoration.


These are the necessary steps to follow to make the restoration process run more efficient and smoothly:

  • * Contact a CSR representative to inspect your property for storm damages.
  • * Your CSR rep will do a full damage assessment of your property, documenting all damages and taking all necessary photos.
  • * Complete our agreement, allowing us to become your contractor  of choice. This allows us to work along side your insurance company to make sure all your needs are met.
  • * Contact your insurance company claims department to initiate a property claim so that they are aware of the damages and schedule an adjuster to come take a look at the damages.
  • * Once an adjuster is assigned to your claim contact your CSR rep to let him/her know the time and date the adjuster will be there so we  can be there as well.
  • * Your adjuster and CSR rep will inspect your property together and make sure all damages are documented and accounted for.
  • * Your adjuster will prepare a Summary Report detailing all the losses and the amounts they are willing to pay to replace all damages.
  • * Your CSR rep will sit down with you and go over each line item within the Summary Report to double check all damages were paid for.
  • * If any items were overlooked your CSR rep will supplement your insurance company and get prior approval of all amounts before work has begun.
  • * Once your Summary Report has been looked over you and your CSR rep will finalize all color selections and will begin the project scheduling.
  • * The repairs to your property will begin and be completed to your satisfaction.
  • * A full inspection of our work will be done and we will then collect the 1st. check that the insurance provided you to initiate work.
  • * We then final invoice your insurance company, submitting all receipts and legal documentation, proving all damages were fixed.
  • * Your insurance company will release all owed depreciation to you so that you can pay us in full.
  • * Contact your CSR rep to collect final payment and issue you all warranties and Release of Lien.

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