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When choosing to replace your gutter system there are six factors that you must consider. Size, coatings, cost, material, production and profile. After a storm, gutter damage is often the first apparent sign your home has been damaged. We will walk you through all the choices and assist you in weighing all the options that best fit your home and needs.


“If you choose steel gutters over aluminum, learning about coatings is still important. Chances are you’ve heard about “galvanized” steel. But galvanization is not just one process. Many formulations are possible. For example, one of the leading steel coatings today is called GalvalumeĀ® which employs a mix of aluminum and zinc. In general, though, modern hot-dip galvanizing is a process whereby steel is immersed in molten zinc, which bonds to form an alloy gutter coating that protects the steel from rust.
If you’re building an upscale custom home and thinking about copper or zinc gutters, keep two things in mind. First, copper and zinc naturally develop their own protective gutter coatings as the metals patina over time. (Some manufacturers even offer “pre-weathered” copper and zinc gutters.) Second, lead has been used to coat some architectural copper for more than a century. Lead alters the color so that copper runoff does not noticeably stain stucco, masonry, limestone, and other light-colored building materials. However, many jurisdictions now see lead-coated copper runoff as an environmental threat.”…………………Gutter Helmet


Guttering comes in many sizes all across the country but there are four consistent sizes that are widely available in most areas. There is 5″, 6″, 7″ and half round. Typically half round is exclusive to copper gutters.


Many existing properties might have vinyl or plastic guttering systems, however few reputable companies choose to install those types so the materials we offer are the current selections offered throughout the US.


Prices can range depending on the gutter type and or material you desire. We take into consideration many factors when choosing a material: durability, local climate, house design and, of course, cost. Typically galvanized is the most cost effective with aluminum following close behind. Copper is the most expensive coming in around 5 to 6 times the cost of aluminum. We offer Aluminum and copper and do not recommend vinyl or plastic. Galvanized is available in certain markets.


Many building materials are readily available when selecting gutters but the most common are aluminum, copper, galvanized, or vinyl. We offer aluminum and copper only.


Available profiles include half round, “K” Style and sometimes variations of the “K” style. No matter the style we either have access to that profile or someone who does.

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